We've just about recovered from ISPO 2015 where we put our marathon abilities to the test over 4 days to snap, shoot and chat about all of the latest gear for the 2015 2016 season. One of the brands we caught up with were APO, and their new Sage Iconic snowboard which you can see above.

APO struggled with patents for a long time, but undeterred, the newest incarnation of APO seems to be as stronger than ever before with an incredible roster of riders in both skiing and snowboarding.

They snapped up U.S super pro’s Spencer O’Brien and Sage Kotsenberg from Burton and Nitro respectively a few seasons ago. Bearing in mind both athletes are on Nike, it shows that APO more than happy to take on the big leagues.

APO have graced Mr Kotsenburg with another pro model this season - the Iconic Sage is a freestyle orientated stick with a camber profile and carbon rods pressed into the stick to satisfy all of your kicker crushing needs. With camber comes stability, but it doesn't handle like an oil tanker because of that, it's super manoeuvrable board that keeps you on your line.