Henry Jackson is back giving life saving interviews with all of your favourite snowboard brands. Amplifi Protection step up to the plate with their latest shirt; the MK2, that comes with more back protection technology than a tank.

Amplifi are a quality German brand providing protection, backpacks, and a whole host of equipment that you can rely on to keep you safe out on the mountain.

Of course we’re not at all influenced by the fact that they’ve given our photographer Sami his own camera specific model – and we can honestly say that if you’re looking for top grade protection that looks and performs like military technical gear you’re in the right place. Equally if you want to hike, shoot, or make turns off the beaten track, their range of packs will be able to cater for everything you need to take with you.

Amplifi work with your skeletal structure to maximise performance and protection as well as ensuring a good fit, and comfortable shredding all day.