Amplifi Backpack Range 2014-2015

Of course we're not at all influenced by the fact that they've just given our photographer Sami his own camera specific model (see end page) - and we can honestly say that if you're looking for top grade protection that looks and performs like military technical gear you're in the right place. Equally if you want to hike, shoot, or make turns off the beaten track, their range of packs will be able to cater for everything you need to take with you.

Amplifi work with your skeletal structure to maximise performance and protection as well as ensuring a good fit, and comfortable shredding all day long.

Take a look at what they've got in this preview of next season's product.

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Amplifi Back Protector Butt Shorts 2014-2015

There's no denying that from time to time, we all need someone to watch our back. Hard knocks can be a great way to learn what NOT to do, but let's be honest, the alternatives save you a whole lot of pain and hassle.

Good body protection has a number of criteria when you're shredding - of course, it has to minimise damage, that's a given. Then it also has to be comfortable so that you can forget about it, relax and enjoy your ride. And finally, if possible it should really be as invisible/low profile as can be.

Amplifi's MK II range uses ArmourGel to make all this this possible - and actually look pretty badass to boot.

Amplifi Green Back Protector Elbow Guards 2014-2015

Amplifi Backpack Range 2014-2015

And Amplifi have systems for all kinds of trouble. As well as integrating space for all your avalanche gear, their backcountry Apex MK II packs have been built to incorporate an integrated back protector this year - and a balloon location device (below) just incase you are caught in a slide.

If you're hiking, they also have multiple board/split carrying systems - which is handy too.

Amplifi Rotauf Avalanche Backpack 2014-2015
Amplifi Sami Tuoriniemi Backpack Photography 2014-2015

We told you! And actually, much to Sami's surprise - we were confronted by this huge shot of the man himself at Amplifi's stand this year. Sami's got his own camera specific backpack from Amplifi this season, and yes, that is an x-ray of everything he's eaten for breakfast...