Amplifi are a quality German brand providing protection, backpacks, and a whole host of equipment that you can rely on to keep you safe out on the mountain.

If you’re looking for top grade protection that looks and performs like military technical gear you’re in the right place. Equally if you want to hike, shoot, or make turns off the beaten track, their range of packs will be able to cater for everything you need to take with you.

Amplifi work with your skeletal structure to maximise performance and protection as well as ensuring a good fit, and comfortable shredding all day.

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Lightweight, fully ventilated, and tested in all sorts of conditions - this silicone flexible protector is at the top end of Amplifi's armor range.

It 3D shaped back protector will stand up and support you from -20°C right up to those hotter days on the hill - and with flatlock seams that combat chafing, and climate control construction you'll be comfortable too. The ventilated S-Cell patch on the front will even protect your chest - so you can penguin slide in comfort all day.


With an integrated back protector - the MKII Apex is a backcountry beast for powder day bliss.

Made with ideal weight distribution for riding in mind - this low profile pack has plenty of room for everything you need off-piste, and aims to keep it all easily accessible when need it.


Unsurprisingly - the Rescue version of the Apex is extra prepared incase things do take a turn for the worst.

Featuring a Rotauf marker system (essentially a balloon which floats above the snow in an avalanche) - it aims to minimise the time spent locating a victim, so that efforts can be focussed on recovering them safely.

Of course it also features the tech you'll find on other Amplifi packs, with a comfortable and practical approach.


Another new one - Amplifi's MK II Apex LTD takes all the great features of their backcountry packs, and adds ABS compatibility into the mixer!

Featuring an Armourgel protector - the airbag system is easily detached and attached so you can tailor the pack to suit your needs. A convenient additional safety net should you ever need it.


The 18L capacity Solo pack is Amplifi's stripped back version of the Apex range - and is another new entry for 2016.

Even lower in profile - if you like to head out with a lightweight selection of the essentials this could be the choice for you.

Its low centre of gravity adds stability to the package, and 3D padding, handy pockets and high spec straps wrap up a versatile but minimalist set of features.

Much like a famous sci-fi spaceship - the Voyager 27L backpack has been designed to be bigger on the inside.

Offering a significant amount of volume, it's low profile and low centre of gravity offer plenty of stability, and thorough testing has gone on before its release this season.

ABS compatible, and designed with comfort in mind - it has to been high up on the list if you want to pack more without compromising your ride.