Bonfire continue their tradition of making sick, well put together outerwear in 2014. We were particularly down with Louif Paradis's pro model and seeing how long we could hold our hand on a block of ice.

Bonfire stuck one of their top end jackets in a block of ice. Of course, we had to see who could leave their hand on it longest...
This is Louif Paradis's Bonfire jacket so you should probably buy it.
Women's Bonfire pants with a good, high waistline
High end tech from Bonfire.
"Everything you need in a jacket," they said. We agree. Nice job Bonfire.
Camo Bonfire insulator which intergrates with their higer end jacket
Salomon/Bonfire TM Java rocking a sweet insulator.
No nonsense blue urban style from Bonfire
Bib pants from Bonfire