Adidas have dropped in on snowboarding in a big way for 2014. Their goggles have been around for years but now they've gone all in by producing boots and outerwear with their own distinctive style. The team's frickin' tight too.

We didn't find the name of this Adidas jacket, but we like it.
Adidas Samba boot
Another colour of the Adidas Samba
Plaid look from Adidas outerwear
Adidas Original goggle with a lot of tech for a solid price.
Adidas Originals goggle
Holy shit it's The Sounds! Unexpected yet awesome end to the Adidas launch.
Adidas outerwear
Adidas outerwear has a distinct look with their black & white theme.
Adidas Blauvelt
Adidas dropped into snowboarding. Left is the Samba, right is Jake Blauvelt's pro model.