Check out some of the kick-ass product that Capita, Union and Coal will be pumping out to the world for the 2011/2012 winter snowboard season. Roll the preview video!

If there were ever companies that spoke the slang of radness it would be Capita, Union and Coal. Their veins pulse with the rage of youth and their products are used by the cool kids in backyard parks of fun the world over. If you needed proof the just check out Capita's team movie from a few years back, First Kiss. In non-product related news we're stoked to hear they're filming a follow up film as we speak for release this autumn, too.

So here is a brief insight into their cream and sugar products, like the Totally FK. In Awesome - an all round fun board with plenty of pop-a-doodle-do. It comes with camber between the feet and becoming raised outside the inserts. Also featured from Capita are the Ultrafear, which comes replete with freeride FK chassis (a form of flat banana) and a rubber dampening system (so you don't get niggling shin-splints when you have been banging flat landings all spring), and the all-mountain upgraded Horrorscope, in whose future you will find you and a bunch of pow pow.

From Union's universe of binder goodness we bring you the high-end Atlas binding, which has cut out bushings that allow for true rider to board response and is light and strong. What more do you want from a binding?

And last but not least there is Coal headwear. Stick some Coal on your head and you will not only be saving body heat while being unquestionably cool but you can also be safe in the knowledge that you aren't screwing the planet as all hats are made from recycled eco cotton.