Feast your eyes on what Bataleon Snowboards is all about for the 2011/2012 season in this preview video.

If you don't know what Bataleon are all about, let us enlighten you... Many moons ago (1997 to be precise), back when snowboards were all bent the same way and a banana was just something you ate, some Norwegian mad scientist dude wondered why boards' bases were all flat. He figured a snowboard with a shaped base would work way better and thus Triple Base Technology was born.

All Bataleon boards feature TBT in to differing degrees, which works with their regular camber to add forgiving fun and ease of turning with mad pop and response. This year the brand is all about all-new shapes, with their jib models especially noticeable for their super square shaped noses, that remind us of the Hosoi Hammerhead skate deck from way back when. You'll see this on the Disaster, Bataleon's brand new jib model, which features a soft flex with extra wide TBT, and also to a lesser extent on another new women's model, the Feelbetter. This is done in collaboration with those fine-smelling ladies over at Les Ettes perfume and as they say, for riding wherever you want why feel good when you could feel better? The third model is a powder-focussed affair and from having ridden a Bataleon on the deep days we can only tell you that it will rip!

Check out the video to get a fuller idea of what Bataleon's 2011/2012 snowboard range is all about.