Scotty Todd from Rome Snowboards gives you a run through of some of the hot new products the company are releasing in the 2011/2012 season.

Ever since they were established over ten years ago, Rome Snowboards have had a strong ideology of anti-corporation and have focused on giving riders quality products that speak for themselves and not ones that are popular simply because of marketing campaigns. They now boast a pro team with the likes of Bjorn Leines, LNP and Lucas Debari and produce a range of snowboards, boots, bindings and outerwear.

New for 2011/2012 is the Mob binding which comes in small, medium and large and has a unibond construction as well as a V-Rod base. The V-Rod base consists of contact points from the front and the back, with the opposite contact points being raised up 6mm so you get a true side to side flex pattern and a true flex pattern from the board. The Mob also features an adjustable toe and heel system and is the only binding on the market at the moment that has a cant in the back. There is a screw on the side which when turned allows the high back to be canted from 3 degrees to 6 degrees thus allowing relief when riding super wide stances.

The classic Targa binding features a new anti shock high back system which has a piston that gives a damping of 3 degrees before the bite kicks in. There is the new C3 toe and ankle straps which keep your feet snug and also allow you to adjust the stiffness of the binding.

New in the board range for next season is the Factory Rocker which is aimed at bringing new and exciting technology to the the entry level board market. It has the Mountain Pop camber (rocker in between the feet with standard camber on the nose and tail) which allows you to charge into kickers yet still be in full control. Also in line for the coming 2011/2012 season is the Rome Reverb that features a true twin as well as a centre speed base that makes the board an all mountain killer. It has a salt impact plates under the bindings which cuts core compression by 2.5 times and the board, which features Mountain Pop camber too, comes in standard and standard wide widths. An awesome kill it all, go anywhere board.

For the full technical run down from a Scottish Scotty, check out the product preview video above.