Check out this preview clip of Nikita marketing director Geiri introducing the streetwear and outwear product collections for 2011/2012.

Nikita is rad Icelandic clothing brand started some 10 years ago by head designer Heida Birigisdottir. Although a skate and streetwear influenced company, they also have strong roots in snowboarding having previously been strong supporters of the Iceland Park Project, not to mention the AK Extreme in Iceland. This snowboarding vibe continues and the outwear product line for 2011/2012 looks as strong as ever.

Geiri explains how their product collection consists of streetwear and outwear, with the outwear always being heavily influenced by the unique style of the streetwear. The streetwear collection has got everything from logo tees, to knits and super nice checked shirts and accommodates girls who want to just rock some street style gear to girls who are serious about fashion and slick style.

With the outwear collection the emphasis is on the fun, says Geiri. As Icelandic weather is notoriously brutal, having top notch outwear that works is a must and Nikita's product range reflects this. The outwears rad colour schemes, ranging from simple block colours to awesome print patterns again all inspired by the streetwear line, reflect the vibe of fun that the company think is so important. In the range there are 18 jackets and 16 pants which all share style and cut with the street range such as nice slim style pants through to more regular baggy ones. The selection they have is really varied and there is something for everyone.

But the final word has to go to Geiri, 'In the end its all about the toys, playing and having fun, and if you can't do that then go do something else'. Not quite sure what toys he's talking about but you get the general message - Nikita is rad.

See for yourself in the preview above.