Sneak a peek into Burton's Restricted line of snowboards and bindings in this 2011/2012 product preview video.

You know Burton, we know Burton. Snowboarding's biggest brand has one of the most expansive ranges around, catering for any man, woman or child who wants to get amongst any aspect of side sliding. When we sidled up to their enormo-booth at ISPO, though, we were ushered away from all the regular gear and instead taken into a small, darkened room in which was housed their ├╝ber-exclusive product. The Restricted Line.

Burton's Restricted series of products are limited editions of some of their hardware range or all-new, exclusive models of outerwear that are only available in select core stores. If your store sells skis, forget it: these bad boys are only allowed to be sold by shops that fight the good fight exclusively, and are committed to supporting the scene around it.

For this presentation, our friendly Burton rep whipped out the Nug first. The Restricted version has a smoke-inspired topsheet and base graphic, but otherwise it is the same as the regular version. It's a fun stick designed to be ridden 10cm shorter than usual. Next up was the all-new Malavita binding (again available in a non-Restricted version but you won't get the 'none-more black' one here unless you hit up your local core dealer). This features a new baseplate with a hinge that allows the binding to move with the foot and flex better. There's also a hammock on the heelcup for better fit and boot hold. Lastly there's the Mr Nice Guy - a Keegan Valaika-inspired regular camber weapon that's similar to what the Love used to be. It also features original drawings from Alice in Wonderland as the graphics.