Aymeric Tonin waiting for the handover while fi lming with the Homies in Avoriaz, Photo: Matt Georges

We don’t need Einstein or Newton to tell us what the problem is with the abundance of flat ground when it comes to urban jibbing. What we do need is an end to drop-in ramps, ski-pole tows and something that – unlike a winch – will fit in a rucksack and not break the bank.

Bungee cords tick all these boxes: They’re changing the way we look at our surroundings, and here’s how to use these human sling shots:

[part title="Shaping"]


First up, you’re going to have to select yourself a good rail with somewhere to anchor your bungee, as well as shape yourself your usual takeoff and landing.

[part title="Hooked Up"]

Hooked Up, Photo: Matt Georges

You’re going to need to find something sturdy to clip your bungee onto. Use a carabiner, climbing loop or random bit of rope to secure the bungee.

Note here the bungee is set on the outside of the opposite rail so it doesn’t whiplash the rider.

[part title="Stretch!"]

Stretch, Photo: Matt Georges

Now with some serious leg work stretch the enormous elastic band out. Two or three assistants usually does the job.

[part title="Hand Over"]

Hand Over, Photo: Matt Georges

When handing the bungee to the rider, it’s better if they are sitting down with their heel edge firmly planted, as it makes it easier when passing the handle. In the photo above, it helps that the rider has something solid to hang on to.

Here now pullers, get out the way quick or you’ll get knocked the fook out...

[part title="Liftoff!"]

Liftoff, Photo: Matt Georges

Now you’re rocking ‘n’ rollin’, make sure you keep your arms locked in front of you, base flat and let the bungee do all the hard work.

[part title="Dispatch"]

Dispatch, Photo: Matt Georges

When you let go of the cord, be sure to throw it to one side. A bungee has a nasty sting in its tail and it's never fun getting caught up in it...

[part title="Jib!"]

Jib - Fred Couderc Cab 270, Photos: Matt Georges

Now it’s all down to you. The bungee’s done its part, time to destroy your jib. Enjoy!