Published in Onboard Magazine Issue 118, December 2010

This issue chronicles the year in glorious photos, and so we've decided to show you the best clobber for getting noticed in this winter. Get bright, get snapped.


1. 686

Plexus Beta Acid Jacket

Waterproof: 20K

Breathability: 15K

Fully Taped

This jacket will not only get you noticed when tweaking out that huge method, it’s burning acid colour will scold the lens of any camera lucky enough to be pointing in your direction. In terms of practicality it’s the bees knees with 20K water- waterproofing, 15K breathability and fully taped seams, cocooning proofi you in comfort wherever you ride. Added bonuses include water-resistant chest pocket, pant-connect powder skirt,

media pocket and sweet asymmetrical zip for a touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’.


2. Head

Team BOA Boot

BOA lacing system

Stiffness: 6

Ay caramba! What happens when you mate a Smurf with Spongebob? This is the lovechild of their affair; Head’s team BOA boot is sure to turn heads. Their unique BOA lacing system tightens the boot, particularly in the heel, in an evenly distributed manor so as to maximize comfort, support and control. Its versatile fl ex allows for use all over the mountain and the boot is moldable for uber com-comfort. A steezey, comfy boot.


3. Oxbow

Ribber jacket

Waterproof: 20K

Breathability: 20K

Fully taped

The French are well known for their fl amboyance and creativity. This is a classic example; the Ribber yells French sophistication yet wouldn’t look out of place on the biggest G-styler in the resort. About the product; it’s Gore Tex, and comes with all the usual extras: fully taped seams, vents, three internal and one external pocket, removable hood and pow skirt. And it wouldn’t be complete as a French jacket without some super silky LYCRA snow cuffs. VA VA VOOM.


4. Smith

Black Blogosphere


The tiger’s the best animal on the planet (fact), and so when we saw these uber funky Smith goggles we hacked off the tigers paw for a little help with our horn. They’ve got tricked out neon graphics that resemble an 80’s tracksuit and their TLT Optics system (unlike other lenses) straightens light instead of re- refracting it resulting in 100% accuracy of vision. These puppies fracting even have a vent to be opened after a huge pow slashing line

and closed when you’re at the top of the next run.

Price: €105

5. Komperdell

Airshock Shorts

Now, these bad boys aren’t the epitome of beauty by any means but holy moley they’ll save your ass – literally. These super lightweight protection shorts will give you added protection from falls on your toosh, thighs and hips. Pop them on under your snow-pants and they’ll give you the confidence to nail the gnarest of stair sets.



6. APO

Isis women’s board


Stiffness: 3

Another French work of art, which may look at first like a child has taken fi ve paintbrushes, dipped them in different colours and splattered them over a snowboard. On closer inspection, the wild colours are actually a contemporary design with trees and butterfl ies – very ladylike. Suited to ladies starting out through to advanced intermediates. The 0/90 degree fi berglass is more forgiving than tri-ax fiberglass and allows for great maneuverability and pop. The inserts are slightly set back for a more directional feel, but riding switch on this honey’s still a sinch. You’ll feel so comfy on this board; improving’s the only option.



7. eG2 – Lips

Oversized dual spherical lens

What’s the prime function of a goggle? Answer: to see better, and that’s exactly what they’ve achieved with the EG2. Electric really have their head screwed on when it comes to goggles. Here they’ve given you less frame, and a bigger lens. Simple. The triple layer face foam will prevent fogging. Add a little bit of pop art and you’ll look the bomb whilst seeing a lot more than the non-EG2 mortals.

From €132

8. Nikita

Creature Women’s Jacket

Waterproof: 10K

Breathability: 5K

At Nikita they base their outerwear line as much as possible on their streetwear line which is exactly what the ladies want; durable outerwear that meets their fashion needs. And the Creature jacket does exactly that; its wild all-over print provides the style and the critically taped seems with 10K/5K ratings provide a dry shell for the worst of weather. This vibrant creature also comes packed with hood and waist draw cords, zip ventilation, media, key and goggle pocket, and super soft tricot lining on both chin and collar flaps.


9. rome

Artifact Rocker

This year’s artifact rocker comes in a heap of different colours that’ll have you half inching your Dad’s credit card to order one online. The Quickrip edge system means that this board ‘rides short or long’. When on an edge the active side cut length is increased and gives more grip, but at slow speeds the board’s active sidecut is reduced and gives more maneuverability and playfulness. The glass stringer technology adds ollie and nollie pop without taking away its butter. The perfect jib board that you can abuse urban jibs with and take on anything the park has to throw at you. Crazy Quebe- Quebecois LNP and Eiki Helgason strap the artifact rocker on when cois they’re hitting kinked rails and the like.


10. Billabong

Strain Jacket

Waterproof: 8K

Breathability: 8K

Critically taped

What’s more colorful than the primary colours? Add some white and black and you’ve got the Strain jacket. The techies over at Billabong have made this jacket with the rider’s best interests at heart. Critically taped seams and 8K’s on the ratings mean it’ll keep you dry for the majority of things you do this season, and with venting zips you can make sure you don’t get wet with sweat at the rip of a zip. Polar fl eece collar, Lycra hand gaiters, bottom cord system and waterproof zips as well.





True twin

Stiffness: 6-4-6

Everything in Amsterdam is full of bright colours; the flowers, the lights and the colour of smoke from their strange cigarettes. The newest export from this exotic paradise is the Riot. This is a board for hardcore shredders who like going big, going fast and like having a deck they can rely on. The TBT system transfers you from one edge to another smoothly and the hardwood impact zones combined with carbon stringers and Kevlar dampening allow for stability at speed with plenty of pop.


12. DC

Biittner Pro PBJ

Reverse camber

True twin

Stiffness: 5

An elegant floral offering from rail slayer Aaron Biittner with colours from a Californian sunset. Biittner built the board to meet his style of ‘urban assault and backcountry bombs’. Positive camber in the core helps with pop and control. DC’s structurn base fi nish helps you to slide those 20-foot boxes. The anti-camber on this board means that you can butter and press your way round the streets and park and as soon as you take the Biittner Pro PBJ into powder the nose’ll float like a butterfl y and with the true twin riding switch in the fl uffy white stuff it will be easy as pie.


13. Rome

Smith Boots

Original lacing

Stiffness: 4

Bright enough for you? They’ll be the most prominent part in everything from your fi rst rail shot to a picture from google earth. They’re loud, bright and perfect for riders just starting out. Their leverage lacing system allows you to crank it up tight or go loosey-goosey as you like. The Diecut Eva footbed and midsole add lightweight dampening for super soft landings while the fl ex allows for movement in the park and at the same time doesn’t compromise on stability when straight-lining.


14. Lib tech

1986 Snow Mullet BTX

Reverse camber

Stiffness: 7

Check out this rad design from the 80’s, this year with some Jamaican fl ag colours thrown in the mix. Club it over the back of the head, take it to a powder field and have your wicked way with it. The banana between your feet means it’ll fl oat through powder like nothing else. It’s TNT base’ will propel you at an incredible rate and the Morning wood core will pop you off cliffs a treat. And at Lib Tech they know that getting to powder isn’t always the easiest of things to do; so their magnetraction system works like a Trojan horse on hard pack, it turns ice into powder!


15. O’Neill

Jeremy Jones Explore Jacket

Waterproof: 20K

Breathability: 15K

Fully taped

As bright as the summer solstice is long and dryer than the Sahara dessert, Jeremy Jones’ collaboration with O’Neill has resulted in a jacket perfect for following (or at least, trying to) Mr. Jones all over the mountain in any weather. 20Ks of waterproofi ng will allow you slash powder runs all day without letting in the damp. Air vents in the collar allow you to breath easy without having to unzip and let the cold air in. It’s lightweight for comfort and has multiple waterproof pockets for keeping the essentials dry.