As Andy Collins famously sung "It's the most wonderful time of the year", but he probably wasn't singing about his bank balance in hindsight.

Choosing presents for Christmas is one of the most difficult tasks to undertake each year. You can either go for the 'many and cheap' option, but you need next level present wrapping skills for that one, or you go for the 'Big Bertha' option and buy one eye-wateringly expensive pressie.

So, in this first edition of our Christmas gift guides, we bring you the one stop shop option of getting one present that'll be sure to bring some Weichnachten cheer to whomever the lucky recipient is.


| Price: €479.99 |

The HERO 4 Black Edition is the crown jewel of the new GoPro line, offering a processor that is 2 times more powerful than its predecessor and 2x faster frame rate options. It’s touted as “the most advanced GoPro ever". The HERO 4 Black offers shooting at full 4K resolution at 30 frames per second (fps), 2.7K at 50 fps, and full HD 1080p at a whopping 120 fps. A serious bit of kit that'll keep the snowy memories alive for longer than Christmas period.


| Price: €N/A |

Splitboards have revolutionised the way that us sideways standers look at backcountry riding. Whilst we used to have to do our best Big Foot impression and use snowshoes to get up to the peaks, we can now halve our boards for the way up, and wack 'em back together for the descent. The MTN Approach takes this idea and turns it on its head. With a length of 138cm, these skis are ideal for skinning up the mountain as well as holding your edge on traverses. Then, once you get to the top, you fold 'em away, stash them in the provided bag and then you get to ride down on your favourite shred weapon without having to faff around getting it into once piece again.


| Price: €795.00|

DaKine have been killing the backpack game for longer than most of us have been riding. A new addition to their 2014/2015 range is the ABS Signal 25L pack, and as the name suggests, it comes with an inbuilt ABS system for any backcountry mishaps that might occur. Coming in at 3KG, you don't have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, to put it on and with 25 litres of storage room, you'll have enough room to fit the essentials in for any day missions you have planned. The entire backpack is built to TÜV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) specifications, which is the German organisation responsible for the inspecting products to make sure they're safe for both people and the enviroment against hazards. Super Geil!


| Price: €439.95 |

If you're thinking of straying into the backcountry this season, you'd be a fool to go without the safety gear that EVERY rider needs before heading into the steep and deep. This kit from the German company Ortovox, has three of the four essential components you need before going into the backcountry. The award winning S1+ transceiver has a visual display to help guide you to anyone caught in an avalanche making it one of the easiest to use transceivers on the market. Then, once you've found the trapped party, the kit comes with a shovel and probe for you to locate their depth and then dig them out.

The fourth bit of essential kit you'll need is the correct training - all of this gear is useless unless you know how to use it properly and efficiently.


| Price: €199.95 |

Whilst your pair of Converse might make you look good, they certainly won't keep your tooties warm or dry on any alpine adventures you might have. Adidas Snowboarding have just dropped the second edition of their Jake Blauvelt 'apres-boot' after an initial release in 2012. The boot boasts a high quality leather upper to keep the worst of the elements out, as well as an EVA midsole for cushion when you're pushing. The raised rubber toe-cap means you can trudge through the snow in any state without the 5 little piggies catching a cold.


| Price From: €649.95|

The fine purveyors of eye-wear have released their flagship technology integrated into a goggle in a Terminator, like fashion. Not only do the Oakley Airwave's protect your eyes from the nastiest of the light whilst looking like an OG baller, but they also display your speed, location, vertical descent and a whole host of information that makes Columbus look like an adventuring enthusiast. You can also link up your phone to the goggles to control any calls, sms' or music you have playing without taking it out of your pocket. Until the hoverboard is invented, this is the most tech you'll have whilst shredding.


| Price: €459.01 |

With technology that'd make Odin, blush, the Sweet Protection Grimnir helmet will keep your noggin protected from everything but a blow to the head with Thor's, hammer. Using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, they lay the CRP strands in different directions meaning that the helmet has strength even distributed across the whole of the helmet. This means that no matter from what angle or wherever on the helmet an impact occurs, the helmet has the same strength. It also comes with MIPS technology, which is almost like a two layered helmet. When an impact occurs, the inner low-friction layer allows the outer layer to move around it, meaning the outer layer can absorb some of the movement, reducing the force to your head. Truly dizzyingly amazing technology.


| Price From: €399.99 |

Nixon have a wide range of pimping watches, but the 51-30 Chrono, might just take the topspot in terms of bling-iest. Should you ever wish to take up free diving, you can take the 51-30 Chrono to help you dive as it's able to survive up to 300m underwater. You might struggle to disprove that bearing in mind that the current world record is currently 128m, but it could be worth a try. The Japanese Miyota 6 Hand Quartz will keep the watch ticking away until long after the zombie apocalypse has swept the world and you'll be the most punctual zombie for it.


| Price From: €600.00 |

The pinnacle of the Burton [ak] range packs some technology that could launch you to space if it wanted. A 650-fill down feathered lining keeps you toasty warm no matter if the mercury is in the single or negative digits, whilst the 2 layered Gore-Tex membrane allows sweat to escape whilst in vapour form ensuring you don't end up a hot mess. The articulated fit means that the jacket has been stitched in a way that you would wear the jacket, ensuring that you've got all the reach you need without the fabric bunching up. Comfy, light and as waterproof as a submarine.


| Price From: €839.95 |

Travis’s premium model gives you total domination for backcountry charging mixed with the performance needed for redefining booter hucking. This is lighter than ever thanks to a carbon-reinforced reduced volume core profile, minimised tip-and-tail deflectors and ultralight wood, yet it still boasts Lib’s ultra-high performance Firepower HP construction to give it proper ooomph. The combined camber profile and medium flex mean it’s not gnarly unless you get gnarly, plus its topsheet is made of gold bio beans for eco-bling. Check #passitonproject to see something rad on this sick stick.