Christmas is normally conjoined with the term 'crippling debt', but it doesn't have to be. We've rounded up some of the best presents you can snatch up for 25 euros or less.

The best things come in small packages, so put the credit card away and take a look over these Christmas gifts for under 25 euros.


| Price: €18.95 |

From the forges of Iceland come Sevennine13, courtesy of the Helgason brothers, and their frankly vast business empire. Imagine Sevennine13, as the 2.0 of your average shoelace belt - with buckles and clips especially designed for flex whilst snowboarding, you won't end up with your pants round your ankles with one of these on your waist.


| Price: €19.95 |

With more mounts than an Olympic equestrian event, GoPro have released this handy wee bag of different options to get creative on where you can attach it to get the sickest angles. With the set, you'll be sure not to miss any Cardinal planes of movement from your pals on the mountain.


| Price: €19.95 |

Should you need to rob any banks after Christmas to pay off those seasonal debts, look no farther than the Colour Wear Armour Balaclava to ensure your anonymity. The camouflage, which vaguely resembles WW1 battleship camouflage, will keep you looking steezey whilst the wicking fabric will keep those 'crime in progress' sweats off your forehead..


| Price: €14.95 |

Wu Tang is for the children, and so are these socks depending on the size of your feet. A cotton and man-made fibre mix ensure your tootsies will stand up to any 'Severe Punishment' so you wont need to be 'Careful' of any 'Gravel Pits' you might have to go through. These socks truly are a 'Triumph' that bring 'Tearz' to our eyes. But for real, a solid pair of socks.


| Price: €19.95 |

These in-ear headphones from Skullcandy, will keep you're tunes pumping until way after the lifts have closed and your legs give out. The microphone function on the cable allow you to control volume and any incoming calls you might get, a nifty feature to keep the fingers warm.


| Price: €20.00 |

Oakley have strayed into the five panel territory with this number. Whilst it doesn't have any technical features as well...it's a cap, it'll surely get you some double-takes from the most stylish of riders.


| Price: €15.00 |

A killer pair of sunglasses for the curious cats among us. When the boots are off and you're ready to cut some shapes down in the valley, these will keep you looking fresh no matter how you might look on your return back home.


| Price: €N/A |

This bio wax from Lib Tech is more environmentally friendly than Al Gore's farts. The all-temperature wax is made from soy beans which will ensure your board stays slippier than an episode of Tom and Jerry. Plus, it looks like a Banana which is just plain rad.


| Price: €N/A |

Trust us when we say buying a goggle case will be one of the best investments you ever make. There is nothing worse than pulling your goggles out of your bag to find the lens scratched, broken or with lint stuck in the gaps. With this handy case from DaKine, your goggles will be scratch free and box fresh long after the zombie apocalypse.


| Price: €24.99 |

Rip Curl have a damned fine looking range of women's lifestyle wear and these mitts are no exception. The acrylic blend come with a Scandinavian styled print that makes Ikea look un-imaginative and have a removable flap so you've still got dexterity without having to remove the glove. Handy!


| Price: €19.95 |

Ride Snowboards have got you covered with this webbing belt that's more secure than Fort Knox. Nobody likes to be caught with their trousers down, and this belt will make sure you won't be caught on the fly by any wardrobe malfunctions.


| Price: €20.00 |

Burton Snowboard's, Bullet Tool, is the equivalent of having your own Iron Man, in your pocket whilst riding. It has a phillips and flathead bits, that insert into the ratcheted mechanism that'll help out at any pit-stops you might need to make. The folding handle means you won't even need to take your gloves off either!