We've sometimes found that the middle of the road is the best place to be. In a Goldilocks style, the following bits of kit aren't too cheap, nor too expensive - they're juuuuuuuust right.

So if you're looking for gifts for any type of rider, look no farther than the next few pages!


| Price: €44.95 |

In a turn of events that would make Batman red in the cheeks, the 686 Industrial Snow Tool Belt is the swiss army knife of the trouser-fastening world. Not only is it 100% fukl-grain waterproof leather, but it comes equipt with da ouble prong buckle with bottle opener, #2 Phillips and flathead, 8/10/11mm wrench loop and a brushed nickel finish. It also keeps your trousers up which is actually pretty useful in all honesty and the main function of a belt according to popular opinion. Eat your heart out Bruce Wayne…


| Price: €58.95 |

GoPro’s are probably the most influential bit of technology to come into action sports in the last 5 years. To be able to point and shoot your own footage without having to own an IMAX theatre or a couple of grands worth of filming gear has revolutionised the way people produce videos. However, GoPro’s are notorious for running a battery flatter than Germany’s 2013 GDP growth. This nifty little piggyback addition to your GoPro literally doubles your battery life…as it is actually another battery. This means you can selfie yourself to an early grave in twice the amount of time!


| Price: €59.95 |

Want to look like an adult, but don’t trust yourself? Been given nice things in the past, but lost them almost immediately? Not trusted with glass or other precious materials? Well this is the watch for you: The Nixon Time Teller P. Made from polyurethane, it’ll stand up to most abuse you throw at it, as long as you aren’t burnt at the stake for being a witch, as it’s waterproof down to 100m. Coming in a veritable rubix cube of different colours, the Time Teller isn’t the most inconspicuous of watches, but it’ll do exactly what it says on the tin.


| Price: €59.95 |

In one nifty pack, SP Gadgets have included the newly named ‘Selfie Stick’ (or for those of us in action sports who know is actually meant for POV filming) and a nifty case to keep your GoPro in. This little box is like a Magician’s hat for the world of your GoPro. With a whole array of pouches, pockets and protective foam, the only place your gear would be safer is Fort Knox. Compatible with the GoPro series from 2 – 4, you’ll sleep soundly in the knowledge that not only is your gear stashed away in style, but if for any reason there was a flash flood, you’re GoPro will be safe from Poseidon’s clutches in the deep.


| Price: €99.95 |

Oakley’s new entry level goggle is a better deal than when Peter Minuit bought Manhattan for 24 dollars and a bottle of Whiskey. Whilst you can try your luck going to an Oakley store with a bottle of whiskey, you might as well pay the mere pocket change it takes to get this pair of goggles. With O-Matter frames that’ll bend but not break, the goggle is designed for those of us with slightly larger faces than most. Fear not though, you won’t look like Mr or Ms Potato Head with these on though, as they’ve been ergonomically designed to be low profile.


| Price: €69.95 |

The KO mitts from Transform Gloves are on the slightly pricier end of the mitt market, but when they come packed with luxurious materials you know you’re getting your monies worth. Throw in some inspired pirate-esqe doodling and you’ve got yourself a knockout looking mitten. Ahhh! That’s why it’s called the KO…


| Price: €49.95 |

You can have the best gear in the world, but unless you’re rocking the right undergarments, you’re gonna end up with the same moisture content as the Atlantic Ocean. The adidas Snowboarding Vivarium tee will wick any pesky H20 away from the skin and help pass it through your outerwear. Throw in 97% of recycled material and you’ve got yourself a tech tee that even the polar bears can spprove of.


| Price: €99.95 |

We’re not entirely sure at what point fashion did the ol’ topsy turvy and ended up back in the 1990’s again, but one thing we’re glad for the revival of is the bomber jacket. This wee number from Analog tickles us with a design that’s fresher than Andre 3000 doing his laundry.


| Price: €99.95 |

The DaKine Heli Pro is pretty much the most recognisable and popular bag for snowsports on the planet for a reason. An ergonomically designed weight distribution system has allowed for all of your backcountry essentials to take the smallest amount of toll on your shoulders when hiking, hucking or in a heli. The bag has a pocket for pretty much everytbing you should so wish and desire to take with you on your travels. Frustratingly though, it doesn’t come with a kitchen sink pocket, but it’s not far off.


| Price: €N/A |

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, which is a completely valid statement, however, in this case, this is actually just a rad looking jumper from Lib Tech. No magnatraction, banana technology, NAS-ing or fancy tech – just a fucking rad sweater.


| Price: €65.00 |

Statistics prove that there are now 3.14159265359 patterns of check shirt to every person on the planet. You won’t be caught looking like the rabble in the Burton Farrel Long Sleeve though – suitable for casual, smart casual, casual shredding, smart shredding and just shredding with its 100% cotton construction that’s silky soft.