If you're one of the people in life that can make it rain, make it rain on them hoes - you're probably gonna be into this list. The 100 euro or more category of present is a veritable minefield of choices, so we've helped you narrow it down to some of the best.

From backcountry safety, to just being warm, Onboard Mag got cha covered big spenders.


Say yes to looking like a baby this Christmas with the 686 Airhole Thermal Technology Suit. It doesn't pack tech that'll send you to the moon, or actually turn you into a Super Army Solider if you get it in camo, but it will keep you warmer than a boiled egg thanks to its spandex and polyester blend. The blend of fabrics allows moisture to wick away from the skin and then through your jacket and into the great outdoors, meaning that you won't end up hot steamy mess unless your partner is in to that kind of thing.

Snowboarding that is...


| Price: €170.00 |

Burton Snowboard teamed up with backcountry specialists G3 for this collaborative set of splitboard skins. One of the most frustrating parts of splitboarding is finding a decent pair of splitboard skins that actually fit your board, don't require trimming and have some actual traction when it comes to ascending.

It would appear that Jakey B agrees with this set that are designed to fit splitboards out the box and are 10% to 20% grippier than your normal out the box skins.


| Price: €110.00 |

Insulated jackets might well be one of the most useful bits of kit in snowboarding. Warm enough to be used as a layer for those sub-zero missions, but cool enough to be used as an outer on a cold, clear and sunny day. Perfect for heading to the gym on a Sunday or on those commutes to work on Monday.

Sometimes you can look a little bit Bear Grylls than Jeremy Jones, so the Swedish purveyors of fine fabrics have created the Moss Jacket. Reversible, practical and puffy.


| Price: €149.95 |

The Vagabond from DaKine will help you on any wanderlust adventures your heart may desire with style. The 38L pack surprisingly enough has capacity for 38 litres of stuff (sock horror!) including a special laptop cocoon to keep your internet browsing tool of choice safe.

The top of the bag even zips off from the main body of the bag to turn into a day pack for any 12 hour missions you might well undertake. Throw in a durable fabric and more nifty wee pockets than Santa's coat and you've got yourself a Vagabond.


| Price: €149.95 |

The Beastie Boys fought for our right to party and now Nixon are helping to provide the sound system with the Blaster. The portable boombox that'll make the room shake comes in at an astonishingly light 454g and a 12 hour battery life that'll last infinitely longer than your night out will.

Made from materials that are splash/spill proof, the portable speakers is also A-OK for the beach thanks to its sandproof resistant build. It comes in a rubix cube of different colours, so you can even mix and match as you like.


| Price: €109.95 |

One of the absolute classics from Oakley has to be the Frogskins. Originally released in the 1980's when Arnie was Terminator and not a Republican Governor of the state of California, the Frogskins have stood the test of time and had a renaissance a few years back. These days it's rare to see an Oakley athlete that doesn't rock the Frogskins, and for a good reason. The 100% plastic frames are super durable which means no matter how many slams you take tae the face, they'll be fine and dandy.


| Price: €149.95 |

Every single person on the planet has wondered whether or not it would be acceptable to go to work in their pyjamas, so the folk at Poler have gone one better and allowed you to take your duvet with you as well!

Whether you're couch surfing, floor crashing, journey napping or warm weather camping - the Napsack from Poler will help you keep toasty in style.


| Price: €239.95 |

The Ride Snowboards Rodeo binding gives you that well needed blast of warmer shores when its the depths of winter. The colour way wouldn't look out of place on a Hawaian Shirt, but luckily the binding is packed fulla' tech that'll keep the doctor away. An aluminium chasis keeps your foot locked in place no matter how many rodeos you decided to caus a ruckus at, whilst the highback has lateral shift to help you get that extra bit of poke when you need it.


| Price: €130.00 |

Vans have stepped it up in the last few seasons to start creating casual clothing that's suitable for casual alpine pursuits. The result has been the Mountain Edition series that's suitable for...well...the mountains.

New for this season is the Santa Fe, which although sounds tropical, is actually really cold. The quilter lining teamed up with a DWR coating means that this shirt-jacket (Shircket?) is ready for spring missions that you throw its way.


| Price: €149.95 |

The ultimate test of any persons practicality is DIY. If you imagine Lego as level 0, and an Ikea flatpack wardrobe at level 10, we think the split kit from Voile might well be numbering towards the upper end.

Thankfully there's no flatpack furniture to fubar in this kit, but it does involve cutting one of your beloved shredsticks in half. Might be worth buying the kit with one of these as a side present to improve their sleight of hand.