Ever wanted to spin your legs around in opposing directions like a harlem shaking barbie doll whilst you slip slide down the mountain side? I know! Me too! And the great news is that a bunch of dudes in Santa Barbara have made it possible. Just imagine the possibilities! There has to be at least zero instances a week when this would be handy, why has nobody ever thought of spinning bindings before? And look, it comes with a really cute strap you can hang off your knee! How have we ever managed without these things between us and our boards? Never again will you have to turn your knee a tiny bit when you're on the lift next to a skier. Joy! Just think of all those nifty bmx tricks you'd be able to do in the lift line. The girls will all fall at your feet. And you can whip your board around and chop them down at the knees if they don't. Hurry down to quickstance.com and get you some before they go bankrupt.