Arnette’s Uncommon Projects division features signature, limited edition pieces that tell

a unique story, commemorate a partnership or reflect the personal style of one of the

company’s notable athletes. Following his inaugural goggle with Arnette last season,

Arnette and Devun are releasing three new signature goggles for the Uncommon

Projects Division in time for this winter. Under Devun’s direction, each goggle

incorporates “Arnette DW" graphics inspired by graffiti handstyles in the traditional paint

pen colors of metallic gold, silver and copper.

Goggles in Devun’s Uncommon Projects collection include the following frames:

Skylight: Arnette’s newest and most cutting edge goggle, in a limited edition

copper and black combo with a Shadow Chrome lens. It features Arnette’s No-

BS (Blind Spot) technology to give riders a superior field of vision when on the


MSRP: 159€

Mercenary: A goggle on a mission, made even more formidable by the black

and silver frame/strap and Raspberry Ice Chrome lens Devun chose for this


MSRP: 129€

Series 3: Rich in Arnette heritage, Devun’s Series 3 features gold and black

frame, matched with a gold chrome lens, make this goggle a standout.

MSRP: 99€

All three goggles come stock with Arnette’s signature F#%G OFF! anti-fog lens coating,

Cool Breeze venting, scratch resistant lens and the ultra-plush Combo-Plate triple-layer

face foam that ensures supreme fit and comfort.

More info and retailers can be found online at and