Fashion being the fickle fiend that it is, requires quite the investment if you don't want to look out of place on the catwalks of Milan. Over the last few seasons we've seen a shift in the design of outerwear to bridge the gap between High Street fashion and the technical fabrics and technology your garments need to withstand the rigours of the mountain.

We could bore you with how fabrics, colours and cuts are massively influenced by the global markets, and in our case, the quagmire of a recession that most countries have been wading out of for the best part of 8 years.

However, we're pretty sure you'd be studying fashion economics if you were that interested in the topic. Either way, here are some of the best jackets that you can pitch up to work in, before heading out to the mountain for the weekend.


| Price: €229.95 |

Launch yourself to the stars with Forest Bailey's signature jacket from 686. The Cosmic packs more tech than a NASA rocket, but with the finesse of a 1980's fighter pilot riding a motorbike into the sunset. Although being on the higher end of the waterproof and breathability scale, the jacket won't make you look like an arctic explorer whilst on the metro. A relaxed fit, designed to work with backpacks, allows you free-range of movement to hike and huck without impairment. The colour way also makes you look like a pharaoh without having to invent a time machine to warp you through the cosmos to ancient Egypt.


| Price: €219.95 |

As the garment of choice for Adidas' resident rail technician Keegan Valaika, you know this number is gonna pack what you need to keep you warm whether it be late night rail missions or late night bar sessions. The shirt meets jacket combo (shircket?) has been on the rise for a while now with many of the jibbers and urban riders repping the hoodless look. Whilst your head might get a bit damp, your torso will be kept drier than a weekend at the mother-in-laws. Throw in some classic contrast styling and you've got the barbour jacket of the snowboard world.


| Price: €180.00 |

Maybe the Analog designers have been taking their cues from the East of London's notoriously edgy district of Shoreditch on this number. The jacket sports some tech that'll help you get your tricks on lock, and ensure you won't overheat on your fixie dodging through the traffic. A clean design with a tailored fit means you won't look like Travis Kennedy on or off the mountain, and the 2 layer jacket boasts 10k/5k waterproofing/breathability abilities.


| Price: €249.95 |

Sure, the look is understated but if you ride like Bode Merrill there’s no need for excess flair. From the streets to the backcountry Bode needs outerwear that performs, and Billabong have given him just that with this 15k, fully taped jacket made of durable ripstop canvas. The cut is ergonomic for a shred-specific fit and there’s zonal insulation to keep you toasty on the hill, while also plenty of ventilation should you get overheated. With hand gaiters, a removable pow skirt and stash spots for days, this is an awesome all-mountain bit of kit.


| Price: €199.95 |

The Big B doesn't mess around when it comes to outerwear design, and the Brighton is no exception. 3M Thinsulate insulates in areas you need it the most and is absent from where you don't need it - this allows the jacket to remain lightweight, yet warm where you need it. When you do get your sweat on though, the wicking properties of the jacket get that pesky moisture back out through the fabric of the jacket, keeping you dry. Classic black stylish with contrast sections keep it looking smart without breaking the bank either.


| Price: €220.00 |

The Swedish company Colour Wear, create functional garments that'll keep you toasty and dry on the mountain and you'll get looks of envy from the rat racers when you're in the city. The Punisher Parka has a 2 layer 10k/10k waterproof/breathability oxford fabric which'll keep the worst of the elements out whilst the high loft padding will keep your extremities falling off. With a slightly long fit and a dropped tail to keep your derrière out of the snow, it's a fine choice for all occasions.


| Price: N/A |

Holden Outwerwear return for the 2014/2015 season after a break in Europe last season. Mikey Le Blanc's clothing company have always done a bang tidy job of balancing the looks wanted by riders with the requirements they need from technical outerwear. The Fishtail jacket is no exception. With a long and slim fit, the jacket has heavyweight nylon that's 100% recycled to keep the ice caps from melting, but switches up the materials on the sleeves and back to meet the different demand of each part of the product. A really nice bit of kit with fantastic tech.


| Price: N/A |

Quite possibly one of the finest shirts ever made, the McNair Mountain shirts are designed for the most rugged of people in the most rugged of enviroments. Made from the finest wool on the planet, the merino wool is then treated to make it even warmer, stronger and water resistant before it's hand stitched into a custom size for your body shape. There are a whole range of different weights, shapes and materials in which the shirts are made from and you'll cut quite the figure no matter the occasion. Remember that coat that's been passed through your family for generations? Yeah, well this is the new one.


| Price: €190.00 |

The Nike SB Lustre Print jacket is a super lightweight bit of kit designed to keep you moving all day without discomfort. The 'Storm-FIT' fabric is designed to keep the worst of the elements out, without getting wet and adding 7 kilos onto your weight through moisture. The jacket also has Raglan sleeves which means the entire sleeve is constructed before being attached to the torso of the jacket. Basically this means all-day comfort without itchy or red raw underarms and with pockets the size of a small country, you won't be short on storage either.


| Price: €199.95 |

This lightweight jacket has a DWR coating that'll keep the rain and sleet at bay, whilst ensuring you won't end up drenched in sweat. The Primaloft insulation allows sweat to pass through the fabric and help regulate your temperature. Whilst the jacket won't stand up to any Russian blizzards, it is designed for those cold and clear days that winter in the Alps is renowned for. A simple clean cut design won't raise any eyebrows in the office, but will when you show 'em how sick your backside 720's are.


| Price: €279.95 |

The Roxy Ridgemont combines a simple and classy design, using wax twill fabric on the majority of the jacket, with souped up tech to withstand the conditions of whatever you throw at it. The heavyweight fabric also gives it a lovely feel of sturdiness when you wear the garment. Using Roxy's 'DRY-FLIGHT' technology, the jacket boasts a 15k/10k waterproof/breathability rating. The idea being that because women sweat less than men and some studies showing that women feel the cold more than men - the jacket can have a higher waterpoofing standard than breathability. A truly customise jacket for a womens collection.


| Price: €170.00 |

ThirtyTwo's offering for the functional men's jacket is the Sesh. Coming straight from the design department via Chris Bradshaw, whose signature jacket it is, the Sesh offers a slightly relaxed fit whilst still keeping it relevant for the city slickers. Contrast arms give you that varsity look that's all the rage, but you also get a 8k/8k waterproof/breathability rating to keep 'em dry on the commute or chairlift. Throw in an adjustable hood with a soft patch to keep your chin from chaffing and a media pocket to make Skrillex blush and you've got yourself a damn fine jacket in the the Sesh.


| Price: €320.00 |

The Sickline is one of The North Face's leading womens jackets this year - with a stretch fabric, it allows to garment to manoeuvre with you instead of having to leave extra fabric to allow the jacket to meet the rigours of the outdoor lifestyle. The jacket uses Primaloft insulation to pack a punch when it comes to keeping you warm, but doesn't bulk the jacket out due to its lightweight heat retaining properties. It manages all of this without making you look like a polar explorer! An all-mountain jacket that'll get you to the bar as well.


| Price: €89.95 |

For the new season, Vans have opted to focus their attentions on what they call ‘Hybrid Apparel’ – outerwear designed to have the look and feel of your favourite kind of streetwear, but with a degree of on-hill functionality thrown in for good measure. The Penken is all about that. With the look of a hoody housed beneath a button up jacket you’ll look the part whether you’re in the park or in the bar, but the full insulation, handwarmer pockets and DWR coating mean that it’ll keep the elements at bay for a day of lapping the pro-line. Comfy, stylish and affordable, it’s a good option for the fair-weather park rats of the world.