[big_image url='http://cdn.coresites.factorymedia.com/onboard/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Snowboard-Wallpaper-Stale-Sandbech-Folgefonna-2-1440x900.jpg' alt='Stale Sandbech Snowboard Wallpaper']The Sandbech parents must be very proud. Not only do they have an Olympic medallist for a son who happens to be able to do the sickest corked front 3s, they also have a world-class photographer as another son who can capture it all. Bang tidy. This here shot happens to be one of our absolute favorites of the year. Can't beat a good bit of cloud porn. Photo by Frode Sandbech.

Download this banger for your desktop wallpaper below (right click and save as):