Another week, another photographic leakage straight out of Matt Georges' voluminous collection of bangers. This one pictures particularly brilliantly how we like our backcountry to look when we all go out there: sparkling. But then again, Vale in Valais, that couldn't be a better match, really...

Valerian Ducourtil, Back 7, Valais, Switzerland

A combination of low light and your position against the sun.

Camera: EOS 1D Mark IV

Lens: 70-200mm - 2.8

ISO: 100

Aperture: f/6,3

Speed: 1/1000

The Tech

Those days, in early January, where sun is still really low, it's really nice to be able to play with strong shades and low light. I'm shooting here against the sun and the fresh snowflakes are reflecting like small mirrors. Depending on how I move around I can of course totally loose it so it's good to set up somewhere and move together with the sun if you still want to have those littles spangles in your photograph. A combination of low light and your position against the sun, basically. I took some minutes here to play with lines and frame the shot how I wanted. Step down are never really easy to shoot and I figured out sideways could work good on this spot. I just wish the background was cleaner. It could have make a way better photo with even a better chiaroscuro (clair-obscur) and composition.

The Context

While scoping around the epic terrain that offers the Valais region in Switzerland, for the 2013 WhatWeWant movie called Incoming, we ended in this really little resort with only 3 chairlifts. The zone we found was just insane with many possibilities. Unfortunately it's a famous spot for all kind of splitboarders, so the landscape can get a bit crowed sometimes, as you can see on the background here. Valerian is doing a Backside 7 Transfer while the rest of the crew is setting up another spot just a few blocks further. Check at least his full part in Incoming, if you're too lazy to watch the entire movie again on the other link!