[Mikko Rehnburg poked out this front three for so long, there was no chance of Sami Tuoriniemi missing the shot (not that he ever does)]

Better late than never! We couldn’t sit on this fine flock of photos from the Laax Open 2016 and never post them, so here they are for your decaying retinas. Still images are much better for your eyes than all this video content you know.

We had a frickin’ blast out in Laax with all the homies and can’t wait to get back. Until then, feast your eyes on what went down in the pipe and slopestyle comps. Once again we must say a huge thanks to Laax Resort, Peaks Place, everyone at the Travelling Restaurant, everyone we took a lap with or pointed a camera at, all the chilli shots, beers, amazing food, and pow turns! Laax is like heaven on earth.

All photos by Sami Tuoriniemi.