If you've been to freestyle.ch before, you know that there's no better event to celebrate whatever festive reasons you may have. As Swiss locals the guys from Zimtstern naturally know this as well and invite you to party harder than ever in the Zimtstern event tent on September 25-26th.

Of course there will be loads of booze and tune from freestyle.ch approved Wax Wreckaz and the DJs Drifter & Mortensen of the Zimtstern DJ collective, and for the special occasion they even booked a clown show as mad as you haven’t come to witness before (whatever that means in the end...), organised their very own Zimtstern Skateboard Bowl on the terrace and prepared a whole bunch of give-aways for you!

Party mayhem continues at the Afterburner Party at Härterei, Zürich with the Swiss Premiere of Hooked, the new Pirate Movie Production video with Björn Hartweger and Hans Åhlund providing the extra pirates feel

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