American transition-slayers JJ Thomas, Pat Moore, Mason Aguirre, Kevin Pearce and Danny Davis confirmed for The Oakley Arctic Challenge.

Some 500 years before Columbus, in year 998ad the Viking king Leiv Eriksson crossed the Atlantic and discovered (well, technically it was already populated) what they called Vinland. A vast continent now popularly known as America. Just over a thousand years later a tight horde of Americans returned to Norway to battle the beast and show the Norwegians how to conquer new heights and master the monster transition at The Oakley Arctic Challenge.

Who is the commander of this crew of transition-slayers is not easy to say, but TAC veteran JJ Thomas (who was at the first Arctic Challenge in 1999 as a rookie) is bringing Pat Moore who totally killed it at the Stylemasters in China, and Olympian Mason Aguirre. Kevin Pearce and Danny Davis both qualified at the Breckenridge Grand Prix and they have both confirmed their spots.

These five Yanks are up against a solid force of scanners and euros with little respect for American authority and we expect a friendly battle with a strong focus on claiming the 9,3 meter throne from Finnish world-record holder Heikki Sorsa.

Here are a few shots from the main contest and the Urban Photo Shoot held last year, a side event to the main competition...