French freeriding legend Xavier De Le Rue is in the zone in AK shooting for his part in next winter's Standard movie, and he sent in this report and some snappers.

“Just got to AK 4 days ago. Two Standard Films crews are on site, on one side Kevin Jones and Mark Carter getting shot by Chris Ondercin and Curley for stills. On our side Sammy Luebke joined the Euros composed by Guido Perrini on the filming duty, Tero Repo taking pics and myself. We've been so far pretty lucky with already two good days and more to come. Sammy is ripping and got straight away into our program... Most of all, snow is great, stable... we have some good lines in the head, not much more to say than that we are pretty stoked to be up here! The end of the week seems sunny so just have a look at the pictures... no need to say that it might be pretty sick....fingers crossed!"


- Xavier