Here we are again - "Antarctica take 2"!!!!

As you might remember we tried last year to reach and hopefully ride the wonderful untouched steeps of the Antarctica Peninsula... Unfortunately, we got on the boat in Ushuaia but stayed three days ashore for mechanical reasons until we got told that the boat could not be repaired....

We are back, and not for the least!


Jeremy Jones and myself along with the relentless film crew are ready for new up coming adventures! Two movies, mainly Lives of the Artists 2, but some of the action will end up in DEEPER as well, Jeremy’s project. We are about to board the clipper adventure for a 40 hours boat ride across the scary "Drake Passage", supposed to be the worst crossing on the planet.... After that we'll have 7 days of actual riding...


We got split boards, all the hard gear we could ever need, we are fired up... All we can hope for are friendly weather and snow conditions. Let's see if mother Antarctica is willing to let us glide on the last continent...

Fingers crossed!

Follow our ship position "live" HERE. Unselect all ships beside CPA on the upper right hand window and you’ll see where we are at.

- Xavier De Le Rue