For the third consecutive year, riders, clubs, brands, shops, associations, resorts from everywhere in the world, will mobilize on Sunday December 21 for the World Snowboard Day. Authentic open-day, the objective of the World Snowboard Day is to enable the masses discover the snowboard culture and experience the joys of snowboarding. In the program: snowboard initiations, demos, contests, products testing, BBQ, parties, concerts, environmental awareness... and many other surprises. And to crown it off, it’s totally free... 11 countries are involved in the preparation of this amazing day: Austria, Poland, Hungary, France, Croatia, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, and the United States. More countries will soon join them to celebrate snowboarding internationally. Imagine thousands of people riding at the same time the various spots on earth! Every possible and unimaginable area will be invested by boards! If you want to become a new snowboard addict, join us on Sunday December 21, 2008! Don’t forget!!! This snowboard celebration would not have taken place without the contribution and support of EuroSIMA (European Boardsports Industry Manufacturers Association). The association coordinates the World Snowboard Day with the help of the WSF (World Snowboard Federation). Find more information and the detailed programs of the World Snowboard Day on