Right, we'll be honest. Brutally so. Any attempt to lucidly describe the events of last Saturday night is an exercise in futility.

Hell, it even took us 3 days do get these shots up so severe was the overload of tired and emotional memories. We are beating ourselves with the editorial cane, fear not. There are flashes of sick shredding and hoots and hollers. And Vodka. And then more Vodka. Most of it is missing. So we will forgo any kind of write-up and let the pictures do the talking. While memory can fail, the camera never lies...

We promise we will be far more on it when the Pirates Premiere Tour rolls into Munich on October 3. It'll be at Backstage, so dress like a Pirate and win goodness, jahwohl!

Thanks for the good times, and hazy memories, Pirate people!