Remember? Wängl Tängl? 2010? Mayrhofen/Austria? At its ‘Gang Jam’ snowboard contest the ‘young guns’ and ‘old dogs’ delivered a show that is hard to match in Tyrol! And the ‚Game of Skate’ contest in the areaway between the staircases of the ‘Penkenbahn’ in Mayrhofen was the perfect location to get a real arena feeling and the turntable show of the ‘Waxolutionists’ was rad in true Ästhetiker style. Motivated photographers have recorded the whole action for the Wängl Tängl Photo Contest 2010 and uploaded their work onto Mayrhofen's #1 shred shop's website It has been a hard time for the jury, but now the winners have been determined!


All photo freaks and artsy photogs had the opportunity to register on The Seeker's website and upload their photos for the Waengl Taengl Photo Contest 2010. A jury of the experienced photographer Christian Boehm, the snowboard legend and Vans European team manager Tom “Beckna" Eberharter and graphic designer, artist and snowboard photographer Simon Lemmerer have judged the different rounds and categories.




1st place: Paul Zeiner wins a complete snowboard set:

Ästhetiker snowboard with Salomon bindungs, Vans snowboard boots and Vans outerwear

2nd place: Stefan Voitl wins a HOTZONE.TV Dude limited edition backpack

3rd place: Jochen Bauer wins a Red Bull Action Cam

4th place: Stefan Voitl wins a one year abbo of the Pleasure Magazine

PARTY Pics 2010 – each party pic wins a tray of Red Bull

Christoph Abfalter

Dominik Lyssek

Lukas Lerperger


1st place: Stefan Voitl – will be booked as Red Bull photographer at a Red Bull Event

Check the winner pics here!