To nip such thinking in the bud and expose the lucky ones to the greed of their friends, we will from now on announce all competition winners online on this site. Unless we forget.

So - drum roll please - the winners from the Product Guide (Onboard 114) are:

ROME Bodega boots - Sven Zimmermann

BATALEON Fun.kink - Gemma Dale

NIKITA Cinemascope jacket - Christelle Sicart

VOLCOM toiletry kit - Andrea Kowalcyk

HEAD NX Five bindings - Richard Lawson

686 base layer & belt - Marie Therese Boos

NIKE shirt - Lukasz Aleksandrowicz

BILLABONG combo - Gary Stow

And those for


VANS combo - Etienne Grollier

RIDE Delta MVMNT binding - Luc Burki

UNION Force Team binding - Joscha Borgstedt

SMITH Stance goggle - Oriol Roca

VÖLKL Cashew board - Lee Coleman

686 shirt - Mike Tilley

LEVEL gloves & backpack - Maxime Codina

NEFF Onboard beanies - Marisa Nest, Samantha Parkin, Andre Jungklaus, Valtadoros Konstantinos, Fabian Seebach, Rui Almeida

NIKE shoes - Jorge Figueira

PULL IN shorts - Mouton Pierre

And last but not least the winners for the Zimstern web competition are Ben Morris (tee) and Elena Wassner (dress), and the Vivo beanies went out to Sébastien Bellue, Jesus Trejo Rodriguez and Maria Alessandra Pallotta.

Congrats, everyone!