After much debating, here is the winning entry and some of the other sick submissions from this year's Onboard/Dragon design contest.

So, after an avalanche of designs made our way through the pipes and into our inbox, we began the lengthy process of deciding which ones rocked and which ones didn't make the grade. After some vicious in-fighting amongst the Onboard editorial crew we picked a top 5 and sent them through to the Dragon team, where after some more fisticuffs and name-calling we finally settled on our winner. And it was Tamara Magitteri from Como, Italy whose design stoked us all out most. Congratulations, Tamara!

"This victory is unbelievable!" she said when we called her up to congratulate her. "I decided to enter the contest just for personal satisfaction, because I love snowboarding (I'm a little snowboarder but I love it!) and… wow, I'm in! It's a great significant victory for me! The idea was born in a particular moment of my life… a not so happy moment… The owl in the design represents the "light after the solution of a problem" and I think that this owl has brought me a beautiful light!"

Tamara's now firing over the original design so she can rock the mountains next year in her own exclusive pair of peeper protectors, but we'd like to throw a massive shoutout to everyone who entered. There were some killer designs (the rest of our top 5 are shown below) and we were mad pumped on the response, but - as in Highlander - there can be only one... Well done again Tamara, and thanks to all who sent in their work.