X-Games Europe will hit Tignes from March 10-12 2010, and now you've got the chance to bag yourself two VIP tickets.

Now that the Olympic snowboarding has come and gone, the next major contest on the horizon looms. The Winter X-Games has been the vehicle by which the average joe has snowboarding dropped in their living room in the US for many a year and now they're bringing the circus to Europe.

The latest X-Games in the US was off the frickin' meat hook (check out all the X-Games highlights) and we're expecting more sickness when they roll into Tignes. And now you have the chance to be amongst it, VIP style. Just remember to chuck us a bottle of Cristal over the fence when you see us.

For full details, head over to MPORA X-Games page and join the community. There's other stuff to be won too, like iPods, backpacks and more...