We would like to go to Iceland and we would like to go to Nikita HQ and the AK Extreme and make party with our homies at Nikita. Sadly they won't let us enter this comp as we have a Y chromosome and we don't have funbags, but you girls can! Rats.

That’s right, not only will the winner get a trip to Iceland, the six day adventure entails a visit to the flagship store in Reykjavik to choose some new Nikita gear, a look-see at Nikita HQ to meet everyone including founder and head designer Heida Birgisdottir, party with the crew (beware of Geiri), go snowboarding with them, enjoy a soak at the hazy Blue Lagoon and attend the AK Extreme festival of snowboard and music mayhem where the likes of homegrown talents and global gob smackers Halldor Helgason and Gulli Gudmundsson will most likely be riding once again. The event is held in the north of Iceland in a town called Akureyri.

To enter all you need to do is take a photo of yourself in Nikita Outerwear (past or present) and upload it to the Nikita contest website between 10th October 2011 to 10th January 2012. There will be a microsite running on the website www.nikitaclothing.com featuring details about the comp, where your photos will also be visible to others. The winner will be chosen by Nikita and announced on 1st February 2012. Follow the rules: you must be female, over 18 years of age, hold a valid passport and be available to make the trip next year, 11th – 16th April 2012.

So be prepared for many good times from which many good stories will follow.

If you’re looking to buy Nikita Outerwear this coming winter season, watch out for the special hangtags detailing entry.


Contest Starts: 10th October 2011

Contest Ends: 10th January 2012

Winner announced: 1st February 2012

Trip will take place: 11th – 16th April 2012

Take a photo of yourself in Nikita Outerwear and upload it to: NIKITA Clothing – www.nikitaclothing.com

Extra Streetwear and Outerwear prizes will be given out every month!

You will be going here - AK Extreme