It’s a common problem that some towns are facing right now. So close to snowing, but it’s still raining. What are the people at Mt. High and Loon Mountain to do? After hours of market research and a quick peek at the stars, they decided over a quick game of rock–paper-scissors. So everyone who has yet to go riding this year take note. Life’s not over, there are still plenty of other things to do! Here’s their list, hope it helps!

- Hang out with your girlfriend. Chances are you’ll be spending more time on the hill than with her in a couple weeks. You selfish jerk.

- Read. This way, when the chair lift stops and there is that awkward silence, you’ll have something intelligent to say other than "Where are you from?" or "What board are you riding?"

- Go shopping. Hit up your local shop, they like that sort of thing.

- Slide some stairs. Apparently you can make a ski hill by putting a giant wet tarp on a set of stairs. Now that’s creative!

Now that you have read the list, go to this page, give more ideas and see what’s happening!