Summer is in the air in Vancouver with highs of 26 degrees Celsius today. All the beautiful people are out on bikes, running and some of us are still snowboarding. What can we say? It's almost summer. Bring on the party.


We are pleased to announce that the winners of our inaugural designed by shreds tee comp are:

1st Place: Chris Dedinski - $500 CAD + a jacket and pant combo

2nd Place: Colin Moore - $250 CAD + a jacket and pant combo

3rd Place: Steven David Muller - $150 CAD + a jacket and pant combo

Congratulations again to the winners and thanks to all entrants. Please stay tuned for forthcoming announcements.....


The Westbeach crew has been busy at work...the office has been sweating it out and drinking beer, Matt Belzile (having won $10,000 in prize money last month) and Cartwright have been enjoying the spring shred and the Euros have reported all kinds of crazy stuff......."Thomas Brunner got 1st in Tyon at the 'Battle' contest and 2nd in Verbier at the 'Take the Hill' contest and is going to Dubai to ride an artificial snow contest" reports Danny Wheeler.

Friedl Kolar reported that the Asthetiker crew snow skate contest ruled, check it out on their site, or and what else.......Wheeler and Kolar have been in BC sledding, Danny with mixed success after blowing up his sled (again!!!!)....oh well, they were here filming for Yeah Production's much anticipated "Purple Yeah". Si Brass won the British Big Air. Andreas Moen is hanging with his girlfriend and having good hair.

Romain in Sarajevo

Team Rider Thomas Brunner took a trip to Sarajevo.


Starting now Westbeach will be bringing you monthly video installements about snowboarding, about "lifestyling", about us and you, and most importantly, about FUN!.

Stay posted for media outlets where you can catch the latest episode.

Check us (and our spring line) out at

Enjoy the sun and don't forget your shades. Till next time, stay cool.