At the end of march Friedl Kolar and the aesthetiker crew hosted their "Wangle Tangle" event. Friedl gave us the lowdown... "Every year the aesthetiker crew tries to build a new obstacle for their snowboard contest. This year the idea of the ‘Taco’ came up and we decided to build it, We shaped for over 2 weeks not knowing if it was gonna work. It was hella fun riding that thing!" The photo of the bs carve was my first try ever". Check out pics and a quality video at www.aesthetiker.com.

Belzile and Cartwright have been filming with Alterna and had a cable cam session over the city hosted by Grouse Mountain.

In competition news Belzile took home a big novelty cheque after winning the Telus Big Air. He also walked away with a 2nd at the Telus Triple Challenge at Blue Mtn with a BACKSIDE 1260!!! Can you believe that a cab 1080 tail beat him into second?

Video not so nasties

check out Westbeach team rider Jon Cartwright in Japan.

and Westbeach team rider Friedl Kolar and his crew in BC.

and UK Team rider Danny Wheeler breaking it off. hawk eyes amongst you might have seen this section in skyrocket

there are also many photos for you viewing pleasure on the sites below as well as a nifty little D&G podcast

http://www.geoffandruik.com Shoots some pretty rad pics.

http://www.andrewhingston.com Snaps sick shots of some of our Euro team riders.

http://www.showdownoverthecity.ca/gallery.html# Cartwright helped judge the Grouse Showdown over the city.

The latest D&G podcasts at snowboard.com



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