Once again we were actually working an entire morning to compile another installment of This Week in Snowboarding. Not surprisingly, we found some interesting stuff that is also great to kill some time. Here are the highlights from this week’s snowboarding, drawn from our own site and other places that are actually good.


The Videograss crew does Sweden. Someone invented a dearly-needed heated toilet seat. Johan Gaume, Olivier Gittler and Arthur Longo shred Les2Alpes. A lot of kids bail at Windells. And I suppose the world was waiting for a documentary on Grilo's life.


If welding gets you excited you should check out the Skullcandy Rail Battle Reminder over at theMustachio.com. The Angry Snowboarder brings you the full DC Mountain Lab.



We kicked off our Onboard Pirates Week. We posted the first snowboard session edit from Windells. The remarkable Diaries Down Under visit The Remarkables. Scotland got its summer shred dialled. Mt. Hood's Charlie passed away. No snowboarding, but still worth a mention: First ever (sligthly dodgy) kickflip in surfing.


the anticipation of the Billabong Ante Up event begins (and it includes a video). The new Bluebird movie looks sick. Chinese snowboarding looks good, too. Shaun McKay doesn't land this trick. Who? Him. Yobeat posts a nice Snowbird season ender.



ESPN has a very moving video of Kevin Pearce's homecoming. And a list of cool snowboard dads. We have the excellent Respect Your Elders teaser and the Lost Bear Edit. We have to add a link to this video, as it is from a crew called "Garbage Gang", and it includes some porn. The Euro X Games dates get announced. Someone invents a gas-powered snowboard. And the Helgasons know how to make good use of kickers, jibs, and diarrhea.


Riding sleds is gnar. Thomas Feurstein loves pole jams. Canadians are good riders, as documented in the "Share the Wealth" teaser. So are the Brits, as shown in the Standing Sideways highlights. The Lazy Boy'z (note the grocers' apostrophe) release a teaser. And even in Sweden, summertime is ON.


Our website finally posts the interesting Tailgate Alaska teaser. The Smith agents spend a team week full of shred in Val Senales. YES get the EuroSIMA breakthrough brand award. We will get to see some industry party shots every Friday. And Comune release their groundbreaking teaser number 4.

Don't forget to follow all the action of the Billabong Ante Up this Saturday!

Enough said, now back to the world cup. Somehow it all sounds familiar: The French surrendered early, the USA arrive last minute and the English are left to fight the Germans... Happy weekend everyone!