Forum has their new teaser out, Laura Hadar gets naked, someone invents snowboard brakes: Once again the internet is jam-packed with thrilling snowboarding. And we were out there in the cold collecting the best of it! Enjoy catching up with what's happened over the last seven days: Here are the highlights from this week’s snowboarding, drawn from our own site and other places that are actually good.


It is kind of obvious that you need snow to excel at snowboarding. Unless you live in the UK. Somehow, their shralp scene seems to be less dependent on snow (Dryslope rocks!). And you don't even need clothes. Wanna see Laura Hadar, Eric Fernandez et al. naked? Even shredding the slowest snow ever looks good when you play some Bob Dylan. but the Videograss crew at Bear Mountain does at better job. Epic photos from the Andes (that's South America, duh!). Peter König breaks his foot skateboarding. And Anton Gunnarson has an epic movie taste.


More melting snow: The Chicken Wing, Watermelon, & Grape Kool-Aid Jam at the "L.A. Patch".The Angry Snowboarder brings us the classic flick Video Gangs.


Forum release their gobsmacking F'It teaser. The World Rookie Tour 2010/11 is on its way! Even more shredding from L.A.'s Patch. And who would have thought: Japan is more than just Nicolas Müller shredding Hokkaido - Check Hywod's The Age teaser. presents the Swiss crew Sharpshotaz. Folgefonna is blessed by lots of snow and great sunsets, as documented in this Nitro clip. And nothing says shred style like Miami nightlife!



Learn more about Comune, the brand that brought you the weirdest snowboard teasers in recent memory. Beware of snowboarding celebrities. More Bear runs from German rail prodigy Benny Urban. There's more L.A. Patch shredding. The SLV Episode 17 is live. It's quite random, but we like the music. Zimtstern summer gear up for grabs here, create your own summer camps here, and get blinded by crude 80s style here.


That Windells Camp looks sick (but don't bring your shiny new sneakers). So does the new obstacle at Belgium's Ice Mountain fridge. Kyle Clancy shows a healthy attitude towards our industry. The results from Whitelines' Absinthe editing comp are in. From now on, you can read NZ Snowboarder online. Eero Ettala is chilling after his surgery, and Danny Kass knows his shit.



The People Crew will be at the Camp of Champions. The Party Snake 3 teaser is out, including Judas Priest's Ram It Down, which means that it kicks ass. If you own an iPad you might be interested in this. If you own a pair of skis you might not be interested in this horrible clip but you will surely be interested in that. For the two or three of you who own a snowboard they might want one of those fancy snowboard brakes! The Smith team shred Val Senales. And here's a link to the late Jeff Anderson in Back in Black. A must see!


The excellent Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow teaser is out, featuring Terra Michilot, Laura Hadar, Marie Hucal, Robin Van Gyn, Desiree Melancon, Esthera Preda, Colleen Quigley, and many others. A chairlift in New Zealand hast been slightly damaged, but is supposed to be operating again "in three weeks time". Louis Armstrong goes Death Metal. And finally: You'd better be glad you are into snowboarding, not cup stacking!

Now back to football. Have a good weekend, hombres!