Last week we buggered off to play some football in Austria. And who would have thought: We made the finals! Sadly, nobody cared to sign us for a professional club so on Monday it was all back to the usual drag. Usual drag? Not quite, since we knew we'd have to compile a unique 8-day-TWIS, full of the best internet links on snowboarding. And here it is!


We interviewed Euro Gap 3 filmer Jaakko Itäaho, Marie-France Roy is a cool chick, Rip Curl release their Welcome Home 2 teaser, Jamie Nicholls had fun at the London Freeze, Mortal Wombat is a solid full movie from Finland, ESPN talks about yellow bananas, the Mustachio posts a very lo-fi vid of the Shaped Jibfest, and Kevin Backstrom knows his Mayrhofen...


Nick Niebes' video part goes down quite well, and Yobeat rejects a lot of edits.


Euro Gap 3 is released online and it is pretty, pretty good, Have Some Boarding have a clip of the Motown Throwdown, the Shredniks hail from East Germany, people in the Midwest keep slaying rails (as in this Standard Recreation flick), and the Mustachio compiles a cool Variety Pack megapost.



We post the Nitro Roadwarriors full movie, and we play football and wear Nike boots, The Pirates enter the webisode game with their "Pirate Logs" (and so does the Kaunertal with their "Parkflicks"). Nicolas Müller's NowHere part gets remixed, Relentless promote their finest asset: Jenny Jones, Tim Humphreys talks about his TWS cover, the Angry Snowboarder posts NuuLife's No Joke full movie and the lowdown on snowboard flea markets. Speaking of NuuLife, here's a behind the scenes edit. Yobeat sums up all the rail jam madness in the US, Whitelines post an interesting TTR vid on juding. High Guality is yet another free full movie from Finland, Keystone opened last weekend, and for whatever reason, Swiss website posts the Snowboarders in Exile teaser from 1990.


Jake Blauvelt and Lucas Debari zigzag through Absinthe's Flipside episode 4, The Gun Rack Pack is Swedens answer to the Party Snake, Wappulounas is the Finnish answer to a question that has yet to be phrased, TWS posts Gigi Rüf's entire Alaska footage from 9191, Fluofun created this edit of Gigi's Nike Snowboarding football tourny (where we made the finals), oh and Nike 6.0 launched this staircase thing, Erin Comstock is the star in this Roxy webisode,, Snowboarder Mag has a thorough report of the Queen City Rail Jam (includes a video), Rhythm Snowboards has fun in the sun at Mt Hood, then there's the 'Peach Hat 2 Full Movie', the IOC will look beyond FIS events, Jeremy Jones digs the Wedding Singer, Joe Sexton hits a 12 kink, and 686 teams up with Suicidal Tendencies.


Frames is possibly the slowest snowboard film ever made. We dump the full movie Dump Em Out on our website, and post the Finnish flick Wannabe, too. JP Solberg and Tadashi Fuse for sure know how to ride pow. Here's Ryan Paul's part from Poachers 10, the Frends go NASCAR, Cheers go behind the scenes at Bear Mountain, Copper is open, Eric Willett shows you how to do a proper back 9 (though he's a switch rider), Mike Ranquet talks about misguided talents, Forest Bailey isn't sponsored by Saab (yet), and it takes a lot these days to film for Videograss.



Process Films release their über-epic first A Shot in the Dark teaser. TWS has a nice Deeper sneak peek (although you could just get it for free with our latest issue), Banshee Bungee release and epic promo vid, Hood is where the heART is, It's on Tape is yet another free movie, Sani Alibabic quits his snowboarding career, and Chris Grenier knows how to ride a rail.


The Commotion full movie is fairly dope, as features half of the Gnarly crew. Here are Sorsa's, Eliassen's, Grenier's and Arnold's full parts from All Plugged Up, this is Bone Zone's second episode and here's Kaunertal's third Parkflicks pisode, we're stoked on ESPN being stoked on Stoked, Jeremy Jones is not stoked on dirty words, Salomon has more behind the scenes footage of Jamie Nicholls and Jenny Jones at the London Freeze, Burton does some weird shit, Johan Bergkvist isn't too bad at riding but Jake Black is also quite good, the Ästhetiker shred their home turf, and the Pirates go Iceland.

Don't forget: If your board sponsor dropped you last season, don't sweat it! That's it for now, see you next week!