Here's another TWIS, once again packed with the best from seven days of snowboarding. Some people find it hard to find the best bits in this link-o-rama, but let's say it with our kindred spirit Jack Kerouac: "I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion." Kick back, enjoy the links, and get ready for winter!



A nice edit of the Forum team at the Camp of Champs surfaces. The Disco Boys is another shred flick from Russia. It has an exceptionally bad soundtrack. The Burton High 5 fridge tour looks fun. Scott Stevens is an awesome guy in his Day in the Life video. Wolle Nyvelt is an awesome guy in this short interview. The Helgasons re-release their first snowboard film. The first Ride with Us episode is live. And Corey Smith talks about naked models and pyramids of cocaine.


A crazy Pole rides down the Nanga Parbat. Yobeat does not crash the Burton fall bash again. Speaking of crashes, here's a skater having a problem.


Since we're lazy we put all daily Hintertux Opening clips into one post. Stale Sandbech's video part is sick! Team Bataleon rips Superpark. Nick Visconti is all over TWSnow's website. The Ästhetikers launch into a new season of webisodes. Diamond Donny reviews the Technine Enforcer. Cyril Müller talks about his perfect day. The Illicit Snowboarder lists some snowboarding A-, B-, and C-list celebrities. And Forum loses John Jackson in Amsterdam.

Back Camera


We post exclusive iTunes teasers of F...It and 9191 (must watch this!), we dig Johnnie Paxson's riding and also the entire Peep Show crew (new teaser!), VHS visits Snowboarder Magazine in two parts. This clip makes us cringe: See that skier's outfit at 00:20? Flow launches their The Life show with the 1000 Laps a Minute episode, the Drake team vid is lo-fi but has some good riding in it, The Baw Baw'din show comes to an end, WhoaSnow explains how to do spins, and everyone rides for Berre.


Nitro Sweden release their bangin' Enough Said teaser. Jon "The Good Life" Weaver talks about the internet. We post a new iTunes NowHere teaser. The Angry Snowboarder wants to know if parks are better in Europe or the US. Our JP Solberg wallpaper goes like hot cakes.



We post the epic Buffalo Session vid. Nate Lavik is awesome. The new Bald E-Gal flick Poachers 10 opens with a great montage. 686 goes Reservoir Dogs. The second Flow webisode is all about slaying rails in Minnesota. If you've missed Shaun White, he didn't burn up, and instead showed up at the Tonight Show, again. Ice Coast Kills Shit has a lil' backyard shred clip for all of us, oh, and here's yet another early season edit, bad-asslette Laura Hadar talks you through her riding gear, and here's a good example of weirdness.


This is what a day in the life of Stale Sandbech looks like, this what the Hintertux opening looks like ghetto-style, Lovelution 2 seems to be a great Central European flick, the Afterbang blog has some nice orthopaedic porn, Ethan Morgan breaks his collarbone.

This should be enough to get you through the dullness of a Friday afternoon. Or would you prefer to see what a human looks like that's been eaten by a shark? We didn't think so, either!