We're a bit in a rush today as we have to leave for the annual freestyle.ch event in Zürich. Luckily, after we used some caning and a lot of yelling our internet helpers of obscure ethnicities came up with more internet snowboard greatness from the past week than we could have hoped for. Indulge!



Justin Hostynek of Absinthe fame has a chat with Transworld Snowboarding, so does Danny Davis (video interview part 2). The Agnarchy blog discusses whether Yobeat sold out or not. A Swiss snowboarder created a sanitary tampon brand. No shit! (link is in German) The Bear Mountain Paint It Red movie gets released.


Not much going on but the Helgasons pumping out video after video.


The People Crew releases the Cheers teaser, and Simon Chamberlain bails on a rail. The oldest 19-year-old you'll ever see wins the Rome Local Gnar video comp. RZA freestyles about Mason Aguirre. Whitelines has the British Snow Tour big air, boarder-x and slopestyle highlights. Baw Baw'din episode 6 offers more thunder from down under. Kaitlyn Farrington joins The North Face. The Angry Snowboarder attends the worst snowboard movie premiere in history. And if we haven't said so before, Donny Diamond is pure gold!


Absinthe release their second Flipside episode, featuring Cale Zima and Dan Brisse. And This Camp of Champions throwaway footy is really good. Sexton, Huot, Chamberlain, Jones and Walker shred Newfoundland. Four Swiss people predict the outcome of the upcoming Freestyle.ch event. A nice teaser makes you want to attend the Stubai glacier opening. The Diaries Down Under continue with a roadtrip from Queenstown to Mt Hutt. Never Summer could sue the entire snowboard industry. WhoaSnow explains what you can do with a couple of leftover propane tanks. Laura Hadar explains how to make her favourite pasta sauce, and Marko Grilc is now officially an escort boy.



We visit the Pirates at their Austrian headquarters. Forum releases a second F'It teaser. Hoppipolla is a new headwear brand with a banging intro video. Nick Visconti wins the exquisit Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails event. 32 release their own Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails highlight video, but we top it with two more great edits from the event. Jamie Nicholls is still down with the dryslope scene. HCSC is now officially big time. Stevie Bell handles everything like a pro. And a bunch of firemen invaded the Norway premiere of 9191.


The Gremlinz teaser featured the most thugged-out riding of the season. We have a new online columnist. Learn here how to get on and off a chairlift. Finally! Whitelines have the TSA Winter Games highlights as well as the Westbeach Snowflex Series Aberdeen highlights and want you to re-edit a snowboard movie. We have the rider list and schedule for the upcoming Freestyle.ch, Kevin Backstrom will be there, too - and has posted a nice edit from his friends Tor and Ludde. Erik Botner made one of him and Kalle Ohlson in Hintertux.



At some point this week Burton must have kicked off their notable theliftline.tv website. And they've announced the BEO 2011 dates. Anon expands their pro team considerably. In Color contains an ice gap of epic proportions. Snowboarder Mag posts yet another good HDHR clip. Sage Kotsenburg talks. Or is it Kostenburg?

That's all for this week. Every link has been carefully selected and is only one click away. Because we know how lazy you are!