Over the last seven days pretty much every snowboard brand and their sleazy uncle revamped their websites. If you are done with this list of our weekly condensed web awesomeness head over to your favourite manufacturer's site and gawp at their new products. But remember: Sometimes the road less travelled is less travelled for a reason.


Have we posted the excellent lo-fi flick Make Friends yet? The Grindhouse is an awesome video from Tamworth. The Tahoe Dangerzone is Chillin' in Chile. The Videograss riders can skate, too. And watch it, bro, there's a tree!


The Angry Snowboader unearths this mediocre Russian teaser and the full PinPin 8 movie.


We bring you the fun-induced Finnish Kinos movie. The Illicit Snowboarder has an awesome compilation of snowboard tattoos on display. Magic Hair Productions throw away some classy footage and we pick it up. Gretchen Bleiler gives us her top 10 snowboard tips. Why not put a little Shaun White at Target in your wardrobe? - We hope this is a rhetorical question. The Stylewars get under way in Australia. Speaking of Down Under, Travis Rice talks about New Zealand on a Kiwi website. And Protect Our Winters release a new trailer (features Jeremy Jones in a suit!).



DC Norway put out a bangatron teaser. Not Just Pow is a full shred movie from Norway. The 32 team hangs out in Mt Hood (good edit!). Ted Borland hangs out there, too. The Stylewars see day two of snowfalls. A Japanese photog publishes an awesome book, some Airblaster chicks have a great riding day, and so do these guys (yet another good HCSC edit).


We come up with a dope Top 5 teasers list for this fall's releases. We have all the insane stompers from Red Bull's Performance Camp. AND we are still trying to sell a print mag, and it is called Onboard. Fredi Kalbermatten is a DJ. Bear Mountain put out the noteworthy Paint It Red teaser. Photog Cyril quits his job.



Advita take their team to Les2Alpes and reinvents jibbing. We pay homage to the awesomeness of Scott Stevens and post a teaser for Frames, the slowest snowboard movie, ever. The Ozzie Stylewars hold their annual Rail Jam, but everybody gaps the kink. Standard Films release some banger Contour cam footage. Yobeat possesses the ingenuity to combine all Right Brain Left Brain teasers into one super post. Kevin Pearce gets interviewed in the Today Show. Some kids from Finland (who even our Finnish photo ed claims he doesn't know) show how to ride a rail without snow.


The Burton High 5 Tour kicks off in the UK. The Helgasons keep penetrating the world with their Color Poppin campaign.Videohypershred finally starts releasing the long-awaited Dubai edits. And we post the epic Chasing I-Pod video.

That's all for this week, pals. Now enjoy the weekend and hit all the bars you can find (well, maybe except this one)! Tune in next week ...for more from this crazy thing called internet!