Sailing the seven seas of the internet.

The contest season has kicked off, the teaser avalanche continues, and the summer camps keep pumping out their recaps. It was no mean feat but once again we've sailed the seven seas of the Internet to seize the treasures of contemporary snowboarding. Enjoy!


The Euro Gap 3 teaser is out, and it includes boobs. Woooo! Spill the Beans is the first 2010/11 full feature that gets released on the Interrealms. What a great ski bail.


The Angry Snowboarder brings us the Forum classic THAT. Volcom revealed their next tradeshow party theme. Cole Barash is a talented guy, and so is Blotto.


Podladtchikov and Clark win the NZ Open, and here are the videos of their winning runs. Lance Hakker overshoots a kicker big time. Vitamins & Minerals is a full-length rail-heavy flick from Ontario. Spanish Friends Productions release their movie teaser, and it is not too shabby. The Diaries Down Under episode 3 gets on its way. Shaun White wins the Dew Tour Portland. Australia renames all their superpipes after Torah Bright.



Absinthe makes us want to come along on their European Premiere Tour. The Mustachio has a nice edit from The Summer Feast in the German Bispingen fridge, but Good Supplies have a killer one from Benny Urban! The NZO judges explain how things work in the pipe. Transworld lets the Salomon team explain how they won the TW Team Shootout, and it also hops on the other dying type of media. In other news, Nick Visconti hops over a lot of stuff in Chile. And what could be better in summer than a bit of mental rope swinging?


We catch up with Holland's finest, Cheryl Maas and post the top three pipe runs from the NZ Open. Justin Bennee is really into music. The Pirates start the Core Store Battle. The At Equilibirium teaser gives insights into the Bulgarian riding scene. Someone invents the awesome Tortucam. And it is Chinese Downhill Time!



The Peep Show crew rips up mad shit at High Cascade. A slightly fucked up clip explains how things are behind the scenes. What's better than your place in summer? Oregon! What's better than not riding over summer? Chile! (contains epic teaser) If you can't wait for the Euro flicks to be released get The Peace Process (almost) for free. The VideoHyperShred interviews Heikki Sorsa, and here's part 2. Signal Snowboards come up with a hybrid between a snowboard and a golf course, and Lorenz Holder shot some very interesting rider portraits.


We post the fine Austrian MOG Productions teaser. Spatziba unearths another Airblaster tour. The Gigi Movie website goes live. This doesn't have anything to do with snowboarding, but the 'Us Milwaukee Girls' video is epic!

That's all for today. Tune in two weeks from now, and miss next week's episode of THIS WEEK IN SNOWBOARDING!