New Teasers, New Riders, New Zealand.

What was it our German editor said the other day? "Wettest summer since invention of water." With our vacations long over and dismal weather every day there is nothing better for us to do than wait impatiently for the upcoming winter. No wait, This Week in Snowboarding is actually better. Once again we've selected the ripest fruits of snowboard journalism and put them into a single internet basket. Figuratively speaking. This will no doubt get you stoked on snow and shred fun. Here we go...


Chris Brewster tells us how to learn lipslides. Don't spin your backflip until you leave the lip, kids! Chris Coulter & Co. shred some gnar lines in Argentina. The Garbage Gang posts yet another thugged out Les2Alpes clip. StackUp Films brings us a bunch of French Canadians repping it hard in the Tha Money Teaser.


The Illicit Snowboarder dissects Hollywood's take on snowboarding. The ÄtschBätsch teaser is some mellow shredding from Austria. Jeremy Jones doesn't post edits. He posts shreddits. Someone tries to kill himself gapping a rail. And someone else did kill himself sitting in a sauna. Be careful in there, Finnish people.


Chad Otterstrom resurfaces in the excellent I'm with Stupid teaser. Seb Toutant, Pat Moore and Wojtek Pawlusiak perform very well at the Red Bull Performance Camp day 3. Jamie Anderson looks none-too-shabby either in this Superpark edit. The Windells Camp finished its sixth session, and Cocard, Hironaka, Owen, Kotsenburg and even Eddie Wall showed up. A Japanese website posted a shitload of 2011 dealer catalogs. Not much happens at the Baw Baw'din episode 4. An unknown mentalist slams at the Superpark event, and Bjorn Leines has a nice scar.



We post the Maverix Snow Camp trailer. A rail jam shakes downtown Queensland. LNP and Lazz play a great game of SHRED. Jonah Owen teaches the world how to do a switch ollie. Whitelines post Alex Broussard's clip from last season at Bear Mountain. The Helgasons ride beer and drink hard (warning: awful music). The Handmade trailer comes straight outta Montana, the UK scene says hello from Morzine, while We Are 2012 hails from Mother Russia. Two new Jussi Oksanens are in the making. And finally, the Rumorator sees The End of Snowboarding, again.


Our friends from the Pirates Crew release their epic 'Hooked' teaser. Think Thank release two more of their not quite as epic mini teasers. The NZ Open kick off with the slopestyle qualifiers. Iikka Backtrom talks about the spelling of his name and wife swapping with our Photo Ed's bro. The Mica minute #15 is a great edit of the Videograss crew at High Cascade. Snowboarder Magazine posts an equally awesome highest halfpipe air video. Ever heard of Skylar Thornton? He is a good rider.



The day kicks off with the NZ Open halfpipe qualifications. Then the rookies go nuts at the Red Bull Performance Camp. Unbelievably, Onboard is looking for contributing writers. You're into sneakers? Then head over to TWB for their Spring 2011 footwear previews. You fancy fridges? Peep this Bispingen Summer Feast edit. Here's a clip of the World Heli Challenge in NZ. And there's a clip of Arbor teamrider Forrest Schmidt oozing with style. And check these banger POV scenes from The Storming, and Celtek's Superpark 14 edit.


Anderson and Haller win NZ Open Slopestyle. We post the TWS In Color teaser and the banging HCSC Session 6 recap. Jeremy Jones rides a bonkers couloir in Deeper episode 10. And last but not least: Is this the solution to crammed resort apartments?

That's all folks. Have a good weekend and keep coming back!