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One week on from bringing you the intro to the ThirtyTwo/Stepchild combined team movie, we're stoked to be able to bring you part 2.

Who got the opener? None other than Canadian slayer Simon Chamberlain. In the words of the man himself, "I wanted to do some influential park things in the streets. I always get these ideas of bringing stuff to the streets to kinda make some things look different. I did that this year on some features and it was super fun..."

So before you get down to the daily grind, make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the fruits of Simon's labours.

Come by next Wednesday to see who's getting grimy in part 3 out of these duders: Fredu Sirvio, JP Walker, Risto Ruokola, Joe Sexton, Markku Koski, E-Man, and Stian Solberg are all yet to come.

And in case you missed the intro last week, here it is. Enjoy.