The opening section of ThirtyTwo and Stepchild's collaboration team movie is now live and direct to watch exclusively on the Onboard site.

Each week there will be a new part for you to check out, before they drop the movie in its entirety upon the infobahn. Featuring team riders like JP Walker, Simon Chamberlain, Joe Sexton, Markku Koski, JP Solberg, Stian Solberg and friends, and being put together by the notorious Defective Films, you can be sure that hammers will be hit.

To kick things off, this first part is the 'Intro section' in which you get an introduction to all the gnarlers, pop your eyes at a few tricks and wince at some truly nasty slams. All set to Iron Maiden's horn-thrower Prisoner it's as good a way to begin as we can think of, though waiting for these weekly parts is gonna be a bit like Lost with each section finishing and you're left itching to see what happens next. Well, word on the street is next week's installment is Simon Chamberlain's part so tune back in for that one homies.

For now: sit back, relax and enjoy part 1 of This Video Sucks.