When: 29.04.-01.05.2010

Where: Ruka, Finland


Check on their website and you will read this: "For sure and no bullshit, Wappulounas is the coolest event ever! Good vibes from morning to evening and impressive riding. It's the best Finnish snowboard event I've ever been to. - Eero Ettala". Apparently the event in Ruka/Finland is THAT good. Well, our budg... pardon: schedule did not allow for a first-hand experience this time, but we received this quirky report alongside some interesting pictures. This should be enough to keep you entertained for the next five minutes. Read on, dear visitor!

Another great Wappulounas has been completed and partied to the end. Three days of awesome riding and unforgettable parties are over, and tired yet happy riders are now waiting for the next year. In sunshine, pouring rain and everything in between we saw great emotions and enjoyable riding by thousands of partygoers.


Contests were held in some unique formats. The hip sessions had a basic backside hip and a gap to the top of the hip and down, "D.O.N.K.E.Y." was held on the "W" which was a W-letter-shaped feature with lots of lines here and there,

and the "Knockout" was a double slopestyle with small features close to one another where riders were riding together on the slope. Every day was filled with amazing and fun riding from double corks to fully tweaked methods.

Overall winner was Joel Lahti who showed everyone what Wappulounas is all about: having fun and riding hard! He was wearing leopard patterned pants and a cowboy hat all day every day, and yet he was killing it. He won a surf trip to Bali by A Senne and a brand new Rip Curl surfboard. More glory for one household as Joel's girlfriend Hanna Laukkanen won the women's overall ranking. The special award for the spirit of Wappulounas went to Joonas Mustonen and his mustache.


Every evening and night was full of huge parties with live-music from after-ski to nightclub. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a blast - and you know how it's done in Finland!

For over ten years Wappulounas has gathered riders to celebrate the end of the season and do some partying. It's the longest lasting Finnish snowboarding happening, and Wappulounas 2010 was definitely one of the best: riding was incredible, parties were awesome, lots of people gathered there and everyone had a good time. The crew wants to thank everyone for being there - see you next year!




Men: 1. Sami Luhtanen 2. Joonas Mustonen 3. Antti Seppälä

Women: 1. Hanna Laukkanen


Men: 1. Saku Tiilikainen 2. Roope Tonteri 3. Joel Lahti

Women: 1. Heidi Latola


Men: 1. Antti Autti 2. Roope Tonteri 3. Janne Lipsanen

Women: 1. Saana Pehkonen 2. Senni Hyyppä

Overall men: Joel Lahti

Overall women: Hanna Laukkanen

The Spirit of Wappulounas Award: Joonas Mustonen

More videos and photos on www.wappulounas.com.