Win booty at the Wängl Tängl Photo Contest 2010!

The Ästhetiker crew are gonna be bringing the sickness to Mayrhofen once more this March 10-13 as the Wängl Tängl descends on the valley. But for those who can't wait for the cauldron of creativity to get rocking, Hotzone.TV and The Seeker are kicking off something already that will get photo dawgs pumped - The Wängl Tängl Photo Contest.

There's four rounds, with rounds one and two being Best Action and Best Party Picture 2009. If you're a shooter or even just a wizard with the snappy cam and were at last year's Wängl then get your digits clicking over to where you can already upload your action and party shots. The jury - comprised of photographer Christian Boehm, Vans Euro Team Manager Tom 'Backna' Eberharter, and designer, artist and shooter Simon Lemmerer - will stroke their chins, argue and then pick the best photos in each category with the winners bagging some booty from Hotzone, The Seeker, Ästhetiker, Red Bull and Mayrhofen.

The last two rounds - Best Snowboard Action 2010 and Best Skateboard Action 2010 - will kick off when this year's event does, so if you're around Mayrhofen with a big lens and you're not afraid to use it, make sure you get involved by registering on The Seeker's site. All winners will be announced there too.

Here's the rules an' ting...


1. All photos for round 1 and 2 have to be shot during the Waengl Taengl 2009.

2. All photos for round 3 and 4 have to be shot during the Waengl Taengl 2010.

3. All photo competitors have to be a registered member.

4. The pictures must be taken by the photo competitor himself.

ROUND 1 - Best ACTION picture 2009 – open now!

To bring back the good memories of last year´s Waengl Taengl, everybody can load up the best action shots - no matter if snow or skate - of the Waengl Taengl 2009 in round one and win some nice prizes now!

ROUND 2 - Best PARTY picture 2009 – open now!

Everything is allowed. Any „Snaps“ shots, naked bodies or whatever happened at the legendary Waengl Parties in 2009, we want to see it! Load up your best party pictures for round two now!

ROUND 3 - Best SNOWBOARD ACTION picture 2010

We look forward to your brand-new and very best snowboard action shots of the Waengl Taengl 2010 at the Vans Penken Park. The best results will be rewarded by the jury.

Round 4 - Best SKATEBOARD ACTION picture 2010

All great skateboard action pictures of the Waengl Taengl Skate Jam - game of skate - 2010 can finally be uploaded for round four.


Round 1: now - 10.03.2010

Round 2: now - 10.03.2010

Round 3: 10.03.2010 - 20.03.2010

Round 4: 11.03.2010 - 20.03.2010