As you may have gathered, Mini are sponsoring Burton's Global Open Series of events this season and have come up with a pretty sweet kinda side-event-type thing - the Creative Use of Space award. Basically the deal is at each event this year - the BEO, the Canadian Open and the US Open - the riders who the panel of experts deem to have used the course in the most creative fashion get shortlisted and put up in front of the public for you to vote on who should win, and then these winners will head into a super final of sorts, with their runs voted on again to determine who the mack daddy is.

Sure, the riders get the car, a slice of the $25k and the kudos, but YOU TOO could also win bigtime - each person who votes and 'Likes' a rider's run gets entered into the draw to win an all-inclusive VIP trip to their Open stop of choice next season - be it NZO, BEO, CANO or US Open.

You can check out the first couple of winners from the BEO below, and voting is now live for the runs selected from the Canadian Open. Head on over to and click on the Burton tab to get involved.

Check out the winners from the Burton European Open, where Mini kicked off their Creative Use of Space award. Yeah Sven, yeah Ty!